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Progressive HR Advisory Services

The Best HR

Prescription for

Your People’s Health

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Are You Tired of Insurance Renewals that Blow Up Your Budget?

Frustrated with Employee Relations Issues Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Ready to Change this Equation?


TheHRrx provides compliance advisory services helping clients with solutions specializing in governance and mitigating employer risk to reduce financial exposure in employee related matters.


✓ Leader Development Increases Employee Engagement

✓ Performance Acceleration Drives Operational Revenue

✓ Retaining Top Talent Supports Growth 

✓ Certified Education Mitigates Employer Legal Risk

 The Employer Brand: Leveraging the Leadership Brand
The legacy strategies are failing.  Turn your company into a talent magnet.



General Manager

Helena changed my perspective about how my People contribute to the bottom line at my plant. She developed creative ways to lower overtime, reduce turnover, and enhance my leaders by onsite training and development programs. We are thankful for her efforts especially taking turnover from 55% to less than 10%.


Helena understands business! She is detailed and thorough, timely, and handled difficult situations with ease. Her ability to advise my executive team on high level issues is impeccable. She knows how to get to the core of an issue and bring it to resolution. Helena spearheaded a new talent acquisition strategy and shaved off over $1M.


Helena helped us beat the competition!  She introduced us to The Five Behaviors model, connected our teams, coached us through the principles, and applied the methodology to our annual goal setting process.  We were able to make faster decisions and in one year we were awarded three major contracts of $4M.  
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