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Workshops & Speaking Services


Mitigate Employer Risk

Discover risk assessment vulnerabilities and strategies to lower insurance renewal premiums while preventing substantial employee-related lawsuits.


Highly collaborative session with practical real-world scenarios of successful risk avoidance and cost savings.

Helena’s  ability to convey the significance of HR metrics within the broader context of organizational success was top notched.

What sets her apart is her capacity to convey HR metrics in business terms but also to provide real-world examples of how these metrics drive tangible results. Throughout her presentation, she seamlessly integrated key performance indicators, workforce analytics, and financial outcomes, leaving the audience with a clear understanding of how HR decisions impact the bottom line. Helena left the audience inspired and motivated to implement data-driven HR strategies within their organizations.

- Thoai Ha, CHRO


Accelerate Employer Brand 

Learn the power of building strategies aligned with employer branding for talent attraction, retention, and engagement and measurement methods to increase stakeholder and customer value.


Drawing inspiration from success stories of 'Employers of Choice' branding showcasing ROI impact on the bottom-line.

“I really enjoyed Helena Ferrari’s presentation at the ENP Summit and found the discussion of her experiences supporting businesses over the years, and particularly the importance of being a people-driven company, insightful, timely and on-point, especially for businesses who are growing. Her insights into the significance of leadership branding in connection with attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent was also fantastic!”

- John Wicker, Labor, & Employment Attorney Stradling


Enhance Leadership Effectiveness

Understand how leadership behaviors impact organizational and team performance results. Strategies to effectively align behaviors to culture while resulting in bottom line results.


Interactive application concepts to enhance skills, competencies, and leader effectiveness driving profitability results.


Helena is an impactful consultant and speaker. She understands that the people in your organization are your greatest asset. Helena is committed to helping companies attract, retain, and engage your people as a competitive advantage in your market. Her global expertise as a business consultant and human resources specialist will deliver actionable solutions for you as a leader, for your teams, and for your organization.

        - Holly Johnson, Chief Engagement Officer Blue Water Leadership

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