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Empowering Businesses with Proactive People Leader Regulatory Training Derived from Years of Real-World Experience in Navigating Employee Relations Challenges, Evading Costly Pitfalls, and Preserving Profits.

From Lawsuit Savior to Preventive Champion:

In today's dynamic workplace, new leaders find themselves navigating a challenging landscape filled with accidental pitfalls. The slightest unintended comment, an ill-advised question, a failure to speak up, or a lack of action can inadvertently trigger a legal dilemma, draining valuable organizational resources in terms of time and money. To safeguard the organization, every leader must possess a solid foundation of legal preventative maintenance, which is precisely what this course aims to provide.

Most clients reach out after a lawsuit which sadly cost the company an average of six figures to settle.

In fact, the median class action settlement wage and hour settlement in California in 2022 was $13 million, a 46% increase from 2021 and a 34% increase from the prior nine-year median.
This highly interactive course equips leaders with essential knowledge of employment laws,
incorporating specific examples tailored to global workforce regulations. Engaging in case studies, interactive "what would you do scenarios" and real-life cautionary tales, practical strategies including real-world scenarios from Helena Ferrari, GPHR, PHR a globally certified HR executive. This solution helps bolster your expertise with communication skills with teams and organizations fostering a harmonious workplace, as well as minimize the likelihood of costly lawsuits and employee grievances.

Moreover, the course can be customized to accommodate state or organization-specific policies and laws. 


Upon completion, leaders will be equipped to:


• Understand their pivotal role as ambassadors of the organization, comprehending the profound
impact their actions have on its well-bein


• Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the legal rationale behind policies and procedures,
enabling them to confidently engage in actions and conversations that avoid potential

• Refrain from attempting to single-handedly resolve employment-related issues they become
aware of or may have inadvertently caused

• Engage with team members as leaders, maintaining appropriate boundaries rather than blurring the lines between peer and supervisor

• Appreciate the ever-increasing intricacies of labor and employment laws and adapt their
practices accordingly

Act Now—Witness the Transformational Impact on Your Bottom Line.

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