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(DEI) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Today’s insight speaks to the capital "I" for Inclusion!

In my role as a global people advocate, I have supported many ways over the years to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in the workplace. I am truly passionate about promoting awareness of unconscious bias, communicating the importance of managing cultural diversity, promoting pay equity, acknowledging holidays and traditions of all cultures, and building strategic training programs to support DEI awareness across organizations.

A diversified workforce is imperative today in business as it provides an inclusive team focus and encourages different perspectives, ideas, experiences, and backgrounds that collectively lead to enhanced creative thinking, increased collaboration, and higher levels of engagement.

The HRRx has developed an inclusive upskilling opportunity based on proven foundational frameworks in support of business leaders to build a culture of belonging, drive personal and team development, and bolster career progression to assist with closing overall skill gaps within organizations. We offer tailored educational programs that deliver new skills, behaviors, and competencies as a solid balance in alignment with our international voyage toward more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

Using our unique collective program series experience, The HRRx has also seen and measured amazing results, including an increase of up to 21% to the bottom line, improved processes, and an opening of minds to new ways of thinking.

If you are ready to decide today and commit to diversity companywide, we can help you transform your culture, increase engagement, and create inclusive teams to make faster, better decisions!

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