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Lower Turnover - The Onboarding Experience

Today’s HR Insight is about for Lowering Turnover by enhancing the onboarding experience.

Data trends show that 52% of turnover occurs in the first year of employment.

I have found that transforming the employee's overall “onboarding experience” to be instrumental in addressing the organization's turnover. One of the most important facets of onboarding is building connections between new hires and their managers, teams, and the larger organization. To foster these important connections, I recommend integrating three foundational themes:

1. Create a multi-departmental onboarding team

2. Solicit regular feedback check-ins from managers and HR

3. Set clear goals with measures for success

I also recommend other considerations that can enhance your new hires overall onboarding experience:

  • Use preboarding to make a great first impression

  • Onboard at a steady pace

  • Put a spotlight on company culture

  • Balance learning and doing

  • Embrace Collaborative Learning as an onboarding strategy

Employee turnover can’t be completely eliminated yet, you can take steps to reduce it by transforming the employee's onboarding experience and providing a workplace where employees want to stay.

How do you address lowering turnover?

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