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Managing Your Manager: Strategies to Capture Their Attention and Recognition

Getting your contributions recognized by managing your manager effectively can be a challenge when they are occupied with strategic goals, internal meetings, customer visits, and frequent travel. As a global HR Executive with over 25 years of experience, I've encountered this issue regardless of country or organizational level.

To tackle this, I recall a valuable experience from years ago during an annual review meeting with my manager, the CFO. With limited interaction throughout the year, I seized this opportunity to highlight my individual and team accomplishments using quantifiable data that showcased their impact on profitability, growth, revenue, and continuous improvements.

For instance, I outlined achievements such as developing centralized plans, addressing labor costs, and staffing fees, optimizing HRIS systems, and improving business/benefit insurance programs. This resulted in annual cost savings of $2 million and enhanced organizational alignment. By sharing six impactful examples of how the HR Group influenced operational efficiency and generated savings, we were all handsomely rewarded.

I recommend avoiding exclusive reliance on annual reviews, as numerous companies have transitioned away from them. Instead, opt for consistent and concise meetings on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. These meetings should serve as opportunities to discuss your ideas, address challenges, and acknowledge accomplishments. To ensure effective communication, utilize a combination of emails, texts, chats, or any preferred platform that facilitates productive dialogue. It is crucial to maintain a record of these interactions, as it allows for reflection on your contributions and facilitates collaborative conversations both within and outside the workplace.

Managing your manager effectively is vital for a successful professional journey. Establishing consistent communication, understanding expectations, and demonstrating commitment to shared goals are key components of this approach. By implementing these strategies, you can navigate your professional landscape confidently and achieve the success you desire. I have personally employed variations of this strategy throughout my career, and it has significantly contributed to my success.

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