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How Does HR Support You?

Today’s insight is about employees and how HR helps and supports you!

Human Resources can be the most confusing department in the entire organization with our all-encompassing 14 key responsibilities – employees, managers, and executives all perceive HR differently.

In my vast global HR experience, the general feedback from the employee population is that approaching the HR department can sometimes be scary! Most employees’ share it is because we handle the tough stuff; like enforcing policies, handling warnings, or performance write-ups, to conducting layoffs, etc. While in part this is true of our intermediary responsibilities, unfortunately, this tends to end up giving us a bad rap all around. My goal is share some of the positive side of HR, aka “People Services”, that are tailored to support your needs and overall experience. I invite you to consider us as your champion and advocate when you need help, support, advice, or feedback, etc., in the following areas HR can offer:

  • Ways to foster your career growth and progression

  • Support for your ideas on how we can enhance your overall experience·

  • Suggestions for continuing education programs

  • Guidance and training and learning development opportunities

  • Coaching and advice

  • Health and Wellness support

I hope that I have inspired a new way of thinking when approaching HR, we are passionate about helping you, facilitating and creating a positive employee experience for you!

How can HR help you or your organization?

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