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Mitigate Employer Risk - Avoid Financial Liabilities by Driving Leadership Accountability!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The average cost to respond to a single employment-related lawsuit is $200,000. Costs include insurance deductibles, attorneys' (yes, plural) fees, the time invested in gathering documents and data, substantial employee salaries, and the loss of business hours and focus during lengthy depositions.

​The reality is that many clients approach us for assistance only after facing a lawsuit, resulting in an unfortunate average cost of six-figure settlements, which could have been avoided by educating their leaders. In fact, the median settlement for wage and hour class action lawsuits in California alone was $13.0 million last year, marking a 46% increase from the previous year! Our solution has proven to reduce employee relations issues by up to 43%.

​Typically, we have found these issues have been unintentionally created by leaders who didn't understand wage and hour laws, interview protocols, workers compensation triggers, leave of absence compliance, accommodation guidelines when approached by team members that led to Employee Relations issues. Some Leaders made harmless remarks, poorly thought-out questions, failed to speak up, or inaction that triggered legal ramifications. ​To protect organizations from these risks, it is crucial for every leader to possess a solid foundation of lawful preventative maintenance, which is precisely the objective of this workshop, which goes way beyond the employee handbook, sexual harassment prevention, and compliance checklists.

​This highly interactive program is meticulously designed to equip leaders with essential knowledge of employment laws, incorporating tailored examples that encompass relevant regulations. Sharing engaging case studies, "what would you do?" scenarios, and real-life cautionary tales, participants will gain practical strategies drawn from the expertise and real scenarios of a globally certified HR executive.

Upon completion, leaders will be equipped to:

  1. Understand their pivotal role as fiduciaries of the organization, comprehending the impact their actions have on the company’s well-being.

  2. Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the legal rationale behind policies and procedures, enabling them to confidently engage in conversations and actions that avoid potential complications.

  3. Refrain from attempting to single-handedly resolve employment-related issues they become aware of or may have inadvertently caused.

  4. Engage with team members as leaders, maintaining appropriate boundaries rather than blurring the lines between peer and supervisor.

  5. Appreciate the ever-increasing intricacies of labor and employment laws and adapt their practices accordingly.

It is never too early to be proactive in mitigating risk and exposure!

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