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Talent Acquisition Strategy - Testing The Candidate Experience

Do you have a challenge attracting talent?

Finding great talent can be a time-consuming challenge, and attracting that talent can be even harder.

Generally, most companies have an internal recruiting resource, typically a hiring manager, team members, HR or an administrative resource; I uncover that most are not trained or equipped to position themselves as an employer of choice.

As an HR professional who has sat on each side of the interviewer/interviewee process, I have found that differentiating your candidate interview experience from the competition is a good start. I recommend an outside party posing as a candidate and providing feedback on their overall interview experience helps to provide insights into these key areas:

1. The interview process positions your company as the employer of choice

2. Team members are good interviewers

3. Interview questions are legally compliant

I have truly enjoyed putting on my acting hat to help clients improve their talent acquisition process, interviewing strategies, and employer branding techniques to attract top talent.

A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility.

Regardless of the hiring market, competition for top talent is always fierce. Your competition is taking steps to land them, and you should too!

How do you get a pulse on the candidate experience?

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