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Are your Leaders' People Driven?

Leaders who exemplify behaviors that are aligned with culture are seen to have much higher attraction and retention metrics!

In fact, Gallup studies reveal that effective leaders with a strong brand inspire and motivate their teams, leading to improved performance and productivity. Companies with high employee engagement levels have 22% higher profitability than those with low engagement levels.

My clients have seen turnover as high as 68% in just one year. Looking back, for one client, it cost $6 million. Sadly, the main root cause was tied to people's leaders accidentally creating these challenges. Our analysis uncovered that 90% of leaders weren’t given the tools, resources, training, education, and coaching they needed to be great leaders. After implementing a leader development and coaching program within six months, we realized a 25% increase in operational metrics and a 50% decrease in turnover.

I recommend a good measure of success for how well your organization is doing in these areas as a solid baseline:

  1. Annual turnover less than 10%.

  2. eNPS score 9 or greater.

  3. Glassdoor's higher percentage of positive reviews

A people-driven strategy involves a multi-faceted approach and an ongoing evolutionary process. As modern leaders, our scorecards have changed way beyond traditional metrics; now it is time to assess ourselves, get honest with who we really are, and adapt ourselves to catapult our organizations into a "Talent Magnet." 

Check out this 10 minute video to stimulate a few new ideas when exploring advanced concepts.

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